Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Plants- Days 2- 6

Our classroom must be full of "green thumbs" because our Brassica rapas are already growing!  We planted our seeds on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night when I left school, our plants were sprouting. The picture below shows the seed coat splitting open and the plant sprouting from the seed.

October 17 (evening)

On Thursday morning, the students where surprised to see leaves!  Some of the students said that our plants looked like four leaf clovers.  The class learned that the leaves that they saw are the plant's seed leaves.  They thought it was cool that the leaves that first emerge were actually contained inside tiny seeds!

Today the students noticed that our plants are growing taller and taller!  They also noticed that true leaves are starting to emerge from the stem.  They even noticed that some of the seed coats were still attached to the true leaves.  CJ compared the seed coat spitting open to a caterpillar busting out of its chrysalis to become a butterfly.  The students are all curious as to when we will begin to see buds and yellow petals!

We hope that you will come by and see our Brassica rapas and all of the things we have been learning about plants at Open House tomorrow night!

October 22: