Monday, January 25, 2016

Syllable Interactive Notebook- Day 1

Happy Monday!

School was so busy today!  We were out last Monday to celebrate Dr. King's birthday, Wednesday morning due to winter weather AND Friday afternoon due to winter weather.  After missing 2 days of instruction last week, we were all ready to hit the ground running!

I couldn't wait to get to school today because I was so excited to start my Syllable Interactive Notebook with second grade! I've spent a lot of time this year teaching our teachers and students about syllable types and syllable division patterns.  It really is a passion of mine.  During my first year of teaching third grade, my special ed teacher suggested that I teach the 6 syllable types to my students.  Honestly, I'd never heard of the syllable types.  Of course I knew what a syllable was, but I didn't know there were 6!  I learned a lot that year from the special ed teacher and also as I planned lessons to go with the syllable types.  My love for teaching them grew and I became more and more confident.  My kids' DIBELS scores skyrocketed.  It all made sense- the students at my school were taught how to read but were never taught how to tackle a multisyllabic word beyond a compound word.  The basals didn't have it, we didn't have the resources, and the teachers didn't know about them either.  Fast forward two years later...I was asked to go to first year Orton Gillingham Classroom Educator Training.  Once again, they discussed syllable types and division patterns, and I kept thinking "why doesn't EVERYONE know about this?"

Now as a reading coach, I encounter teachers everyday who have never heard of the syllable types.  It is my hope that I can create resources to assist teachers so that they can share their knowledge!  Syllable types are the key that can crack the code!

Here are some pictures of the second grade class putting their notebooks together!  We made our covers and talked about syllables in general.   On Wednesday, we will do a sort and learn an overview of the 6 syllable types.

If you're interested, I am posting parts of the interactive notebook as I create it/teach it in my TPT store.  I plan to use it in 1st and 2nd grade, but I wish I had it when I taught 3rd!

Have a great night! :)