Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday, Monday

Why do the weekends seem to FLYYYY by???  Today was definitely a Monday!!

Mondays and Wednesday, I teach second graders about syllable types and division patterns and I am working my way through my new Syllable Type Interactive Notebook.  I wanted to show you all how cute the closed syllable door page of the Syllable Type Interactive Notebook turned out!  The kids thought it was SO COOL that the door opened and closed!  We first discussed what closed syllables were.  Then we cut out and coded each of the closed syllable examples and glued them underneath the "door."  We often say that in a closed syllable, the consonant "shuts the door" on the vowel, making it short.  It closes the vowel in.

In another second grade class, I taught a small group lesson using my Camel Syllable Division Pattern pack. We were on the last part of the pack....dictation.  It is amazing how much you can learn about a student from dictation words and sentences.  I use a dictation routine that I learned from teaching SPIRE. SPIRE is a Tier 2/Tier 3 intervention program that follows a 10 step routine.  Our school has experienced huge gains using this program, and I really believe in its methods and routines.  Anyway, I discovered today that these second graders are still confusing e and i!  In both of the words "went" and "closet," multiple students wrote "wint" or "whint" and "closit."  Now, we are from Alabama, and sometimes our accents affect the way we hear or pronounce words, but regardless I need to pull those kiddos back in a Tier 2 small group to practice e and i!  I think that dictation is an imperative part of a small group routine that often is left out.  Try it friends, its worth every minute!

I'm adding to my Syllable Notebook each day.  I decided that the kiddos needed an extra dose of closed syllables before moving on to the rabbit pattern.  I also am working on the rabbit pattern lessons.  Its a work in progress!!  I plan to include all of these goodies in the pack that is already on TPT, so if you downloaded it, be sure to get the updated version by the end of the week.

Hope you all had a great day!  Thanks for reading! :)

Here are pictures of the "closed" syllables!