Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Syllables, Goals, and Parade of Readers

Things are busy at MCES!!

Parade of Readers is winding down.  Our ending celebration is THIS Friday!  I am so proud of all the kiddos.  Almost everyone has met the 31 book goal, and our top reader has read over 500 books!  To keep the kids motivated, we have "Reading is Fun Friday" each week during the challenge.  During this time, the kids receive a prize that they can use.  Last week we "Surfed the Reading Wave."  The kids brought in beach towels and hats.  Their prize, sunglasses, came in handy as we headed outside to read in the sunshine!  I also gave them a special treat, popsicles!

I've also been busy with second grade!  I've read a lot of research on goal setting, and the importance of students being leaders of their own learning.  I decided that it was very important to meet with each second graders individually and graph and set goals for DIBELS words per minute.  After the kiddos graphed their progress and chose a WPM goal, we created a goal statement and wrote three things they could do to reach that goal.  Doing this gave me the opportunity to show the kids how far they have come!  Our last DIBELS benchmark is the final week of April- I'm hoping goal setting and graphing progress throughout the year will pay off!  I used parts of a Data Notebook from First Grade and Flip Flops on TPT!  It really has EVERYTHING you could ever want to use.  I look forward to trying more parts of it out next year!  Here is the link to her store: First Grade and Flip Flops

Also in second grade, we are rocking and rolling on our Syllable Type Interactive Notebook!  We are almost finished with the Tiger Pattern.  It is going SO WELL.  I'm proud of the kids and how much they are learning. The next set, vowel-consonant-e and the camel pattern are up on my TPT store.  I'm working on vowel-r and the ostrich pattern, next.  I really wish I could shout from the rooftops to ALL the teachers out there (especially second grade) about how IMPORTANT teaching syllable types really is!  Kids can clap the syllables, they can tell you how many there are in a word, but they CAN'T tell you where to divide the word or how to read the unfamiliar word without this type of instruction.

Interested in trying out the Syllable Type Interactive Notebook?  Here's a freebie! This sample explains what syllables are, the six types, and closed syllables!  Head on over to my store to download a copy!
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Free Sample- Syllable Type Interactive Notebook

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